Back To Blogging, Just Not Here… Yet

Regular readers of this blog are aware that The Relentless Pursuit is on an extended hiatus. I first announced that in a post which I published on June 24. In that post I indicated that I would not return to this medium, i. e. blogging, “until I reach a place in my ‘relentless pursuit’ where I can begin to see the purpose for the trek I have been taking.” I have not yet reached that place.

I further wrote that “if and when I return to this medium, it will signify that I have begun to emerge from the darkness which has characterized my pilgrimage for so long.” I’m not sure that I have made significant progress in that regard.

I have, however, returned to blogging, but in a new and different blog with a new and different purpose. This post is the one and only time I will use this blog to promote and publicize the new one.

The new blog, which I created on July 9 and on which I have already published eight posts, is called Tarsus Journal. Up to now, I have publicized this new blog exclusively among my Facebook friends. Today, for the first time, it occurred to me that many, if not most, of the regular readers of this blog are not friends with me on Facebook. For that reason, I decided to publish this single post as a way of making more of my Relentless Pursuit readers aware of the new blog.

The first post on Tarsus Journal is called “Why This Blog?” If that is a question in your mind right now, click here, read the post, and decide if TJ is something you might like to read, at least now and then. If it is, there are a couple of options open to you.

First, you can friend me on Facebook. I always publicize every new blog post via a status update there. If you’re not on Facebook, or if you would rather not expand your list of friends to include me (and I am certainly not offended by that), you can receive every new post to the Tarsus Journal via email. To do that, open any page of that blog, go to the bottom of the right-hand column, and click on the button that says “Follow Blog Via Email.”

If you take a look at the new blog, and then if you read at least the first couple of posts along with the one I published just today, called “The View From Tarsus,” you’ll get a sense for why I decided to start blogging again even before I am in a state of mind to resume writing about my “relentless pursuit of authentic faith” in the pages of this blog. Truth be told, however, I’m exploring authentic faith in the new blog, too, but with greater freedom to “push the envelope” than I have done here.

Thanks for reading The Relentless Pursuit. I do plan to return to writing this blog at some point in the future. Until then, if you’re interested, you can read what I am thinking about at the new blog address.

Peace to you.



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