My name is Eric Kouns. I am a husband, father, and grandfather.  (If my wife and I had known how much joy our grandson would bring, we might have had him first.) I am also an Parker and Poppyevangelical Christian. I live in central Ohio, and I have been involved in some form of vocational ministry all of my adult life, as a pastor, a para-church executive, a broadcaster, and a college professor.

For more than 25 years, I served the Anabaptist community (mainly among Mennonites), most recently for 14 years as a professor in a Mennonite Bible college. A few years ago I was drawn toward the liturgical tradition in Christian worship, and this resulted in the termination of my teaching contract in 2008.  In OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2009, my wife and I became members of an Anglican congregation where we received the Sacrament of Confirmation. That was followed by two years of preparation for Holy Orders as an Anglican priest.

I was ordained in the spring of 2011 and then laicized, by my own request, in November 2012. (That story will no doubt unfold in the pages of my blog, if you’re interested.)  I sometimes say that I am Ordination to Diaconate“involuntarily retired,” but I keep busy with writing this blog and making these podcasts. I am also exploring some other writing opportunities, and, when I am invited, I travel around the country for speaking engagements in churches and schools and at conferences, retreats, and seminars.

An Anglican seminary professor once told me, “You’re not an Anglican; you’re a liturgical Anabaptist.”  He may have been right. I guess MrKounsonly one thing is for sure. I remain steadfastly engaged in a relentless pursuit of authentic Christian faith. This blog and these podcasts are helping me chronicle the pilgrimage. I’m pleased to have you come along on the journey.