Quickly, Before I Change My Mind

Robt. L. StevensonOne Sunday in 1875, when he was twenty-four, Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish author of such classics as Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, wrote a note to a friend of his in which he said, “I have been to church and am not depressed—a great step.”

In a similar vein, I could write, for you my loyal readers who have persevered with me through some grim seasons over the past few years, “I awoke this morning, reflected on my life situation, and for the first time in many a day, I was not disheartened.”

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I Worry About Arthur

My phone rang about 3:00 last Saturday afternoon. It was Arthur. I could tell he was upset.

“Have you heard the news… about Rick Warren?” he asked.

I had not. From Arthur’s tone, however, it seemed clear that the news was bad. I braced myself for the worst.

Had Pastor Rick been killed? Or had he, like so many other prominent Christian leaders, fallen prey, God forbid, to the enticements of money or sex or power? I dreaded to hear what Arthur was about to tell me, and yet I wanted to know, to get past the initial shock in order to begin to assess the damage and consider the consequences.

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