The Arthur Chronicles—No. 8

Like any serious tea drinker, Arthur refused to re-heat a pot of tea which had grown cold. My request for a second cup, then, prompted him to dispose of what Tea being poured into tea cup isolated on a white backgroundremained in the white ceramic pot, fill it with hot water from the tap, and set it aside to warm. Then he poured fresh cold water into the electric kettle and, while he waited for it to boil, he unwrapped two fresh tea bags and placed them in the teapot which he had just emptied.

Making tea was something of a ritual for Arthur, and he carried it out with the same concern for detail which he exercised when he prepared the communion table for Holy Eucharist. I had only been present on one occasion when Arthur celebrated Eucharist during the eighteen months he actively served as an Anglican priest. That was enough for me to observe his competent and confident manner at the altar.

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