OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks for your interest in The Relentless Pursuit Podcasts. All available podcasts are listed below, in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent release. To download a podcast as an mp3 file, click on its number and title. To listen to the podcast right now, click on the button under the podcast title in the listing. Thank you for listening.

No. 016–Where Renewal Begins (6-20-13) Length 7:53

No. 015–A Good Reason To Plant A Church (6-12-13) Length 7:55

No. 014–Reasons Not To Plant A Church (5-16-13) Length 9:33

No. 013–God Save Us From The Successful Church (3-26-13) Length 7:07

No. 012–Learning To Think Like Jesus (3-24-13) Length 10:30

No. 011–Has The Church Lost Its Mind? (3-23-13) Length 7:41

No. 010–Change And Empathy (3-15-13) Length 6:40

No. 009–Change: Often Necessary, Seldom Easy (3-7-13) Length 6:05

No. 008–The Liturgy Saved Me (3-5-13) Length 6:44

No. 007–I Just Want To Go Home (2-28-13) Length 9:57

No. 006–With Jesus In The Laboratory (2-27-13) Length 9:01

No. 005–What Is Radical Discipleship? (2-21-13) Length 7:56

No. 004–The Trouble With American Christianity (2-16-13) Length 8:33

No. 003–Another Look At Authentic Faith (2-14-13) Length 8:20

No. 002–What Is Authentic Faith? (2-7-13) Length 7:38

No. 001–The Kingdom is the Thing (2-5-13)  Length 7:20


4 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Well done, Eric. I like how you push it out into statements that you know will be controversial. That approach feeds me, and keeps it from being boring or just stating the routine and obvious. I’ve never been surprised by the “kingdom” message. I wonder if in my life and circles that Ladd had already made his point. As for pomp and pageantry in worship, I suppose there are groups and individuals who could use a little less. Speaking as a Mennonite, I think we could use a little (I’m being discreet) more. Moving on to other topics… “simply” finding political candidates who will reflect kingdom values?! I’m afraid the “simple” part took the field. Might that be at best a tortured decision? How about a pod cast ?

    • Thanks for your comments, Reuben. I appreciate the affirmation. Regarding the Kingdom message, I grew up in Dispensationalism, and it took a long time for that perspective on the Kingdom to be displaced in my thinking. Ladd’s view was a new, albeit transformative, thought. And I take your point regarding the reference to candidates who represent Kingdom values. I debated using the word “simply” in that particular sentence, then threw it in ad lib. I guess I meant that the principle is a simple one; it’s implementation clearly is not so simple. Thanks for listening, Reuben. Grace and peace, E.

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